Saturday, October 30, 2010

Talk about a bad idea

Friday October 29.
So who really cares about what I ate for breakfast and lunch yesterday. I was good. Ate perfectly vegan. The end. I'm not so upset about yesterday as I am about yesternight.
Went to a Halloween party with full intentions of eating vegan. I even made a large plate of brown rice and veggie sushi so I knew there would be something for me to eat. However, when we arrived I smelled something good. And I was hungry which seems to be a common thread of when I bend the rules. That and a social setting. So check and check. It took only a few seconds to realize that the smell was drunken weenies as we call it in our family. Little smokies sausages in a crock pot with BBQ sauce and possibly other sauces or seasonings. I went over and got some. Since we were the first guests I figured I'd snag a few before anyone got there and no one would know. Especially since I JUST posted my first vegan blog entry only a few scant hours ago! Now let me make a side-note. I'm totally disgusted that the meat I chose to cheat with was not some delicious fillet or something. It's basically mystery meat. Way to go champ! So anyway I had my weenies but since I was hungry I went back a few times throughout the night. I probably ate 20 of those things! And only 2 or 3 sushi rolls. I did have 1-1/2 margaritas throughout the night too. Which didn't help matters. Not that I was drunk or anything. Just relaxed enough not to care about hormones, chemicals, and steroids in the mystery meat I was eating. Not to mention the poor little mystery animals.
Soooo we got home and now it's the next morning. Let me just say that I've learned my lesson! I feel like crap and I'd go further into details but I don't want you to feel like crap too!
So anyway. I'm kinda bummed but if this truly is going to be a lifestyle change, then there will be bumps along the road. I'm glad I have this sense of accountability to all of you who read this. If I didn't, I probably would throw in the towel this morning after such a miserable failure.
Tootles and happy vegging

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  1. Keep on keepin' on! It's not about the drunken' weenies last night but all about the choices you make today :) As long as you can wake up and move forward.. one night of mistakes won't turn into a week or month of mistakes!