Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back on the horse

Well after the disappointing Friday, I got back in line on Saturday.  For breakfast and lunch I had the usual.  I took Eisley to look out the back door at the back yard and to my delight, saw a bunch of ripe bell peppers.  It was freezing outside so I bundled her up and went out to pick what was there before it gets too cold.  I came in with at least 10 or 11 peppers; yellow, red and green!  I've been meaning to do this all summer, but never go around to it: I roasted all the red peppers.  The house smelled amazing!!!
Derek came home and I wanted to do a movie night so I thought I'd make some homemade pizza, a recent passion of mine.  I made a classic veggie pizza with mushrooms, peppers, red onions and the sole ripe roma tomato topping veggie shreds "cheese". By the way I use bisquick to make the pizza dough and have several bags of homemade pizza sauce in the freezer that I take out when needed. 

 For the second pizza, I decided to make it a Greek style.  I used chopped kalamata olives, marinated artichoke hearts, some of my roasted peppers and spinach.  I used a recipe from the Skinny Bitch in the Kitch for Marinated Tofu "Feta".  I topped the pizza with the tofu and a few sprinkles of the veggie shreds.  I'm not much of a tofu person and this was a little much for me.  Next time I'll use a little less but Derek liked it.  I guess I should get used to it...
We didn't even watch a movie because Derek fell asleep when he got home and then watched the baseball game (he's NEVER watched a sports game in the time we've been married) and I watched Biggest Loser on my computer.  Still liked the pizza though.  Well so there ya go.  Somewhat successful and definitely better than Friday!

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