Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2 weeks and feelin' fine!

Today marks 2 weeks that I have been on a vegan-ish diet!  I thought it would be harder and, truthfully, I didn't think I'd last.  I committed (to myself) to try it for 30 days.  I think this was me testing the waters and preparing myself for when I would decide to quit.  It's like dieters who say, "I'm just gonna try it for a week and see how it goes."  It's such a major change but I think all the ammo I'm armed with (from the books I'm reading) makes it a little easier for me to make good choices when faced with temptation (ahem, drunken weenies, ahem).  But seriously, there have been many times I've thought of getting a milkshake or a burger but I didn't.  OK, That's my introspection for the day :)  A little delve into my inner self.  haha

So anyway, here's what we did for the last two days.

Sunday October 31 (Halloween in case ya didn't know)
I sang at church today and didn't eat breakfast before I left home, thinking I would get some oatmeal in the Loft.  Well, going with the way my life usually goes, they didn't have oatmeal.  They had chicken tortilla soup or pastries.  I made the best choice I could: a blueberry muffin (it probably had egg in it, yeah, yeah) and orange juice.  After church, we went to Subway for lunch (we should buy stock there after all the times we have been and probably will be eating there).  We got the usual veggie delights without cheese and with avocado.  Yum!  I love this sandwich!  We had some "original vegan" Boca burgers for dinner.  Mine with raw red onions, avocado, greens, veganaise and mustard.  Derek had his with sauteed red onions, veganaise and mustard. 
Oh yeah and how could I forget the pounds of halloween candy? (exaggeration)

Monday November 1
Man!  I can't believe it's already November!
For breakfast, we tried some Morningstar Farms sausage patties.  These are not vegan but vegetarian and were tasty!  We had them on little hamburger buns like a breakfast sandwich.  I wish I could figure out how to make fake eggs for these!  I'm pretty sure the Ener-G egg replacement is only for baking.  I think there are recipes to make tofu like eggs but I haven't tried yet.
For lunch, I had a Morningstar Farms Italian chik'n sandwich (also not a vegan product).  I realize this is not the best choice...I would have liked to have more fresh ingredients but oh well.  I cooked it in the microwave and I don't know what happened but the edges got SO HARD!  I seriously thought my teeth were going to break.  But they didn't and I still ate it.  Also, I was so excited to use my roasted red peppers to top this sammy but something happened to my fridge (it's acting weird) and the olive oil hardened so I threw them out.  Boo :(
I took Eisley with me to run a bunch of errands culminating with me at Raley's in their natural foods section and her in the Baby Bjorn enjoying all the "oohs" and "aahs" she receives everywhere we go.  I never shop at Raley's and if you've ever shopped at a new grocery store, you know how long that takes.  I had a recipe planned for lentil sloppy joes for dinner but didn't finish at the store in time.  So, we had Subway.  Now you see why I said we should own stock!
I LOVE Raley's natural foods section!  They have everything (almost) that I needed.  Only a few things I couldn't find: currants (substituted with dates), kale (ehh last time I tried to feed Derek kale, it didn't go over well, maybe I'll sub spinach), tempeh and seitan (soy products that replace meat in recipes).  I'm putting in a call today to the natural foods "lady" to ask about that.  So excited to try out all our new food to see what we like!  I bought some Tahini to make hummus and I was going to use my roasted red peppers for that but, I guess I'll have to buy some.
Anyhoo, thanks for reading!  Eat some veggies!

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