Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm ridin' solo

So I'm still sick but hoping that since it's the 3rd day, today is the worst and tomorrow I'm going to feel better!
I had cinnamon toast (wheat bread, toasted, with earth balance spread and cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top) for breakfast with coffee and half a banana.  The other half went to the baby.
For lunch, I made a delicious portobello burger with fresh, juicy tomato and mixed greens!  But, bummer, it was the last hamburger bun leftover from my birthday bbq so I'm gonna have to find something else to eat for lunch from now on.
For dinner, Derek was helping a friend and ate with them, so I was ridin' solo for dinner.  (well I did have a little misfit baby in the kitchen with me)  So I made a few of my favorite things:
Sweet potato fries The only change I made was I used canola oil since it was going to be cooking at such a high temperature.  Don't mind the burnt one in the picture.  I didn't eat it.
Couscous topped with the tomato sauce from this recipe (which is one of my favorites!)
and spinach salad with dried cherries and crannberries.

MMM it was so good!  But I made way too much couscous (even though it was the recommended serving size), so I'll have the rest for leftovers tomorrow (actually as I was typing this, Derek asked if there was any left...he's heating it up now)

The moral of this story is you can still have a delish meal even if you're by yourself (or by yourself with a baby spitting smashed sweet potatoes at you).

The end.

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  1. Props to you...I don't like to cook when I'm sick!

    I made an awesome red wine and beef stew crockpot meal and added couscous to it. I am a huge fan! You should check out this recipe:

    I swap the millet for couscous and you don't really need the cheese. The lemon makes this recipe killer!