Friday, November 5, 2010

Well let me see if I can remember

So I'm sick...and it really stinks.  Cold or flu I can never remember the difference...and when I'm sick I'm not a normal sick person, in that I probably eat way more than I normally would.  What does that tell ya about using food as a comfort mechanism?  Well, at least I've identified my demon!

Anyhoo, yesterday I made a smoothie but mixed it up a bit.  I steamed some apples in the microwave for the babe and mixed them with some blueberries and banana in the blender.  Gave her some and then added my remaining ingredients: spinach, tofu yogurt and soy milk.  Hint:  If you're going to do this, steam the apples in advance because a luke warm smoothie is pretty gross, no matter how sweet the ingredients are.  So I put it in the freezer for a few and then added a few ice cubes to make it tolerable.
For lunch, I had made the day before a recipe from Skinny bitch everyday called Curry Tofu Egg-Less Salad.  I've never really made anything with a curry flavor before but it definitely smelled like Indian food.  BUT I've found that extra firm tofu really does have the consistency of hard-boiled eggs so it's a perfect stand in!  It was sweet and spicy and we had it in pita breads.  It called for currants, which I couldn't find so I used dates.  I don't know at all what currants taste like, so who knows!  The recipe could have a completely different flavor with currants.  I also had some leftover potatoes.
For dinner, and as I said I was sick so forgive me for this one, we had a veggie pizza...with cheese!  Oh my gosh, though! That cheese was good!  I thought about caving for soda but I held my ground so you have to commend me on that one!  Soda is NOT an easy habit to kick!

OH!  I forgot to tell you about Wednesday!  Yeah, I could edit, but now you get to see how my brain works.  Wednesday, I made the usual shake for breakfast.  For lunch, Derek had the leftover pasta from the night before and I had some pasta I made with leftover pizza sauce.  (brown rice pasta)  I added some VEGAN mozzarella cheese that I grated and it said "it melts" on the package but it didn't melt in the hot pasta sauce.  Oh well.  I also had the leftover bruschetta and bread.  For dinner, I made a black bean and tomato soup from the Skinny Bitch Everyday cookbook.  In the recipe it said it would be great for lunch or for dinner with a salad or vegan burger.  So I made the soup, vegan burgers and oven fingerling potato fries.  OK that was WAY too much food!  We have a lot of soup leftover but I'm sick so it's good to have leftovers when you don't feel like cooking.

For today:
I did not have a shake, even though, of all days, when you feel sick is when you really need the nutrients of fresh fruits and veggies but you know how that goes.  When I'm sick I feel I can do whatever I want because I want to make myself feel better.  So I had coffee in the morning and by the time Baby was fed, it was time for lunch and I had leftover pizza.  So good but I'm glad it's gone now so I can stop eating cheese :( or :) I'm not sure.  Derek had band practice tonight and we're on a strict budget now so I made a quick dinner of salmon, sauteed zucchini and yellow squash and some mushroom couscous so he didn't have to get fast food on the way.  It was good and it was all done in like literally 15 minutes! I couldn't believe I could throw together a meal so quickly.  I hadn't planned this particular meal for today but a much more complicated one was slated for yesterday.  We were actually supposed to bring dinner to a friend who just had a baby so I was going to make them salmon (since they're meat eaters) and the rest of the meal.  Took the salmon out of the freezer to thaw on Tuesday and Wednesday night I was starting to feel sick.  So I called to say I'd be bringing them pizza and that's where the story started.  So now I have another salmon in the fridge that we have to eat even though we only planned to eat fish once a week.  BUT I just read that salmon is in the group of fish with the lowest mercury content so I feel OK about eating it.

Wow!  This is about the longest, most rambling blog ever!  But that's my life and my brain right now.  Build a bridge and get over it!  Haha! just kidding.  I used to say that in high school.

Signing off!
Kalley - The recovering cheese eater and soda drinker


  1. I like reading ur blog. Keep it up, you are inspiring your mom.

  2. Thanks for all of your rambling thoughts! I appreciate them!